What to expect from the coming year?

Last updated: January 12, 2017

What to expect from the coming year? Going into the new 2017 year, you need to be informed about risks coming from the digital space. The following points are predicted by the popular security organizations in the perspective of designing security policy and implementing necessary protective measures.

1. Increasing vulnerability of IoT devices

IoT gadgets have attracted quickly and rapidly the attention of modern netizens. It’s nothing to be surprised seeing that the IoT market offers various smart devices used for random tasks and needs. But at the same time, they are subjected to cyber-attacks more than any other gadgets. Unfortunately, designers are not targeted at rising of customers’ security standards that could improve their positions among competitors.

2. Criminal software prosperity

Having equipped with off-the-shelf tools, malicious hackers will start a new wave of cyber-attacks including hardware and software defacement. What is more, web services can be prone to more furious and unassailable DDoS attacks.

3. DDoS attacks as a mass destruction weapon

Considering the fact that this type of hackers attack has grown since 2016 compromising popular web services, the upward drift will remain causing very few organizations can provide special protection measures.

4. Cloudiness’s level increase

Slowly but steadily, cloud services occupy commercial organizations as the most convenient way to store and exchange corporate info. But regardless all benefits offered by cloud services, they are still vulnerable to ransomware and other attacks. In such a manner, cloud’s designers need to take care of safety features.

5. Espionage threats

According to the predictions of authoritative web security companies, more spying operations will be focused on smart devices targeting at full access obtaining mobile operating systems.

6. Growing risks of data forgery

The problem concerns not only average web surfers subjected to possible data leakage. Besides, governmental systems’ penetration will become a usual technique for opposition research focusing on decrepitation of presidential election or compromising of public figures. An administrative reaction needs to be more aggressive and operate with law enforcement means.

7. Open source expansion

App development based on open source has wide spread occurrence reducing development costs, promoting innovation and increasing productivity. But at the same time, such apps have security vulnerabilities learned by hackers and utilized in their attacks. The tendency will be developed successfully in 2017 challenging global security issue.

8. Phishing malware extension

In 2017 commercial organizations need to pay attention to the growth in popularity of free SSL certification combined with Google corporation’s initiative to tag HTTP websites as unprotected. This program will reduce the strength of security standards stipulating phishing malware.

9. What to expect from the coming year? Increase of government surveillance

Government surveillance programs will become more invasive. Secret authorities will promote their activity operating with tracking and targeting tools utilized by adversaries to observe dissidents and potential criminals.

10. Privacy theft

This problem is old as hills and continues to be relevant for quite some time. Be very careful surfing the net and protect your login details from leakage and web accounts from penetration.

In order to be fully protected from the threats coming from the global net, pay your attention to modern technologies like VPN service. Nowadays, VPNs are able to make you real address hidden protecting your web activity from different types of spying. On top of that, subscribing for the VPN, all your traffic will be routed through a secure tunnel created by your service with the use of strong encryption protocols. No matter which risks will menace to your internet activity in 2017, VPNs will secure and protect you from any digital hazard.