What does Google hide from the US government?

Last updated: May 14, 2018

What does Google hide from the US government? This September Google corporation was required by the OFCCP to send details of the company’s salary structure. The query is justified by intention of the US Department of Labor to make sure Google corresponds strictly to presidential executive order 11246. According to it, the employer needs to safeguard rights of its subordinates in reliance on race, skin color, confession and sex.

Whereas, Google has rejected the order justifying such behavior with the attempt to preserve personal info of its laborers. One way or another, Google has no legal reason to refuse relevant info request in the form of an established compliance evaluation. In such a manner, the OFCCP has authority to receive necessary info by any legal measures. Taking this info into consideration, the OFCCP has given nine months to convey the requested info including salaries charged between September 2014 to 2015.

What is more, Google is reputed to collect and store netizens personal info including browsing and downloading info while also utilizing it in advertising purposes. In order to prevent monitoring activity and leave Google holding an empty bag, make use of VPN services. VPN is the most effective way to protect your privacy from surveillance and intra-net monitoring. Connecting to the global net through one of the VPNs your real geographical location and all internet activity will be hidden from a third party including Google corporation. VPN will be your life-saver on the way towards privacy and anonymity online.