WannaCry Ransomware: Arm your network with top-notch protection

Last updated: May 14, 2018

WannaCry Ransomware: Arm your network with top-notch protectionBeing defined as a combination of two words ‘ransom’ and ‘ware’ (from ‘software’) the type of web attacks has created waves across netizens. Having found its way online, the type of criminality has made people think over protective methods they can apply to avoid the danger.

However, it has become known that the well-known threat has coursed big troubles to European organizations this May. It also hit such regions as China, Russia, the UK and the US. Although the hacker group ShadowBrokers revealed an exploit in the SMBv1, today the malware still operates basing on it.

Whatever happens happens for the better, as you know. Thus, the vulnerability has given a boost to Microsoft improvements, such as the latest Update aimed at the ransomware for the latest versions of the OS and even for XP.

Although the deadliest stage seems to be over, you need to stay defended from the WannaCry and other web threats. For this very reason you need to follow several pain-free and simple instructions:

confidential data

  1. Update your Windows copy as frequently, as possible.
  2. Install strong antimalware or anti-ransomware packages.
  3. Update and don’t forget to run anti-virus software.
  4. Visit protected (SSL) sites only.
  5. Use a defensive VPN service.

The latest step can be the most incomprehensible. Though many average customers switched to the service usage, the rest stay low-skilled with the fact.

A VPN is a customer-oriented service, which consists of a client version for your easier usage and a wide network of servers enhanced with encryption protocols. While establishing an internet connection through a VPN server, your true address is changed for a server’s one and all your generated traffic becomes encrypted. This helps to eliminate any web threats coming from unauthorized access to your confidential data.

So, having taken advantage of all the steps on the way to protected online life, you shouldn’t come up with any problems coming from the environment.