VPN vs proxy for Australia

Last updated: May 14, 2018

VPN vs proxy for AustraliaIt is the case that the internet, which was created for uniting people from all over the globe, today is highly restricted. It has especially influenced media companies that in such way try to protect their copyright. The thing is that with introduction of BiTorrent protocol and other up-to-date solutions for fast heavy traffic downloading and uploading, the internet has become a favorite pirating place.

But for those people who can’t access their favorite streaming services due to geo-restrictions, the problem is really essential. Therefore, such solutions as proxies and VPNs for Australia are in a high demand now. But not a lot of people can tell the difference between them, therefore, we have decided to make a clear line for you:




The service can be paid and free, containing dedicated servers and IPs or not. It is used for network securing and anonymizing. Having established a connection to one of the appropriate VPN servers, you achieve a possibility to access any blocked web resource located in a country you have connected to. Besides, all your traffic is to be routed though a highly secure tunneling and encrypted with the help of up-to-the -minute protocols, such as OpenVPN or L2TP, etc.

The server can be paid or free, dedicated or public. It is used for shifting your IP address and making your network connection anonymous. However, it doesn’t provide a high level of defense and a wide variety of geo-locations, which can limit you in possibilities to access different geo-blocked websites a lot.


So, as you might have already realized, a VPN is more profitable for any customer, as soon as it provides all-grades protection despite proxy server. In any case, it’s up to you to decide whether to choose this or that service, but don’t forget that internet protection is in your hands.