VPN torrenting guide

Last updated: November 05, 2017

VPN torrenting guideHaving decided to delve into torrenting, you should dig a little deeper to get the idea from inside. So, what is torrenting and how does it work?

#1 Most of people are used to share files through some conversational forms like emails or social nets.  However, torrenting and BitTorrent are just another file sharing protocol used over the internet. When sending something via an email you need a file on your computer and an email of your addressee. When using torrenting you download and share the same file between many computers hosted online through p2p or peer to peer technology.

#2 As soon as for this method different kind of sharing is used a type of file differs too. So, when receiving or sending something through torrenting we have to do with .torrent files. For this reason you need a piece of software, which is used for storing .torrent files and for their further sharing over the network.

#3 You should remember that many countries have already prohibited using torrenting by law and many torrent websites and engines have been blocked.  This fact is closely related to piracy. As soon as torrenting is also used for pirated content sharing it is pinpointed by IPs. So, having decided to run the service you need the best VPN for torrenting.

Provided that you need to get access to torrent websites and engines, you need a top-rated service for supplying you with prolific protection. The best variant for this purpose is a VPN with numerous server locations in those countries where torrenting is legal. Besides, such a service should run the outmost protocols that are to make all your traffic encrypted and thus inaccessible and unreadable for your ISPs and other prying eyes. Moreover, you will need highly professional customer assistance and a money-back guarantee to feel sure about your service and budget. So, having looked through the guide, you have a slight vision of how the system works and what you need for your online protection.