VPN for torrenting in Australia

Last updated: May 14, 2018

VPN for torrenting in AustraliaAustralia is one of those countries that fight for copyright especially strong. After the copyright law of 2015 was of effect copyright owners has a right to appeal for the Federal Court for banning all the IPs that try to distribute the pirated materials online. As soon as the operation of any torrent client presupposes downloading and uploading by default, all the torrenting web resources are blocked there. Actually there are few countries where torrenting activity is permitted these are Switzerland, Spain, Russia and some others. Therefore, having decided to torrent some files online or watch streaming services through torrenting, you need to arm your network with a strong VPN for Australia.

Why to use a VPN

A VPN service is the only technology that allows the whole set of useful functions, such as:

  • Hiding your authentic address.
  • Shifting your virtual location.
  • Encrypting all of your generated traffic.
  • Making you network anonymous.

As soon as torrenting is prohibited there, you need to find a service that meets all the demands:

  • a vast variety of servers located in countries where torrenting is allowed;
  • strong encryption protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP;
  • unlimited bandwidth and speed;
  • a free trial version or a money-back guarantee;
  • support of different payment methods;
  • 24/7 professional technical group assistance;

Provided that all the characteristics are performed by a service, you can subscribe for it without any hesitations, as soon as in case you are dissatisfied with its operation you can get your money back. Besides, a free trial version will help you see the technology in work before subscribing for it. One more important thing for you if you want to torrent in Australia without any problems with the government, you need to switch off the uploading torrent files setting for not to distribute the files you have already downloaded. As soon as all the conditions are observed, you will be safe enough for making anything you want online.