Is VPN legal in Saudi Arabia?

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Is VPN legal in Saudi Arabia?Providing that Saudi Arabian government has obliged mobile operators to take fingerprints from their subscribers, in case if the authorities have learnt about all the possibilities a VPN can give, it will become illegal on the spot. Although a VPN is not illegal there, the majority of outputs of the service as well as Tor are blocked by the government providers there. Therefore, while choosing a strong defensive VPN for your network in Saudi Arabia, you need to pay attention to some essential characteristics.

While looking for an appropriate service you should remember about these VPN’s qualities:

⇒ Server locations

As soon as you live in a highly censored country, you need to have at hand at least several servers (IPs) located outside it.

⇒ Strong encryption

While living in Saudi Arabia you need a VPN that offers at least two good protocols, such as OpenVPN and L2TP, and a long bit-key. In this case all your traffic will be thoroughly protected ad closed with a key, so that neither your ISPs, nor any other prying eyes get access to your confidential data.

⇒ A high level of reliability

A reliable VPN company should store no logging data on its customers and accept different anonymous payment methods, such as crypto currency. Besides, it should offer a free trial version or a money-back guarantee, so that if you see that the service doesn’t satisfy you, you can get your money back.

These are just the main factors you should pay attention to. Meanwhile there are some additional features that may be of a high use for you like kill switch or a warrant canary. Having established a connection to the internet through one of the services, you will get free internet environment deprived of all the restrictions implied by the government of the country.