A VPN for India with a free trial

Jesse Lowe
Jesse Lowe
Last updated: 14/05/2018

A VPN for India with a free trialHaving decided to go to India or being a citizen of the country, you need a reliable VPN service to struggle against the government’s strict censorship policy and multiple online threats. While being in the country you may face some more difficulties, such as low internet average speed rates and traffic throttling. Therefore, a decision to look for a reliable VPN service seems to be reasonable.

When choosing a VPN service you should pay attention to such showings as a free trial version and a money-back guarantee, as in this case you will be able to get your money back in case the service is not suitable. A free trial is a beta version of a VPN app while testing which you can get whether the service is worthful or not. Although in most cases the free trials are limited in functionality, you will get a common vision of how the service operates.  

If you are seeking a VPN for special needs, for instance for unblocking some US streaming services, you should choose a service, which is supplied with numerous servers placed there. Besides, you shouldn’t forget about basic characteristics of a service, such as the number of offered IPs and servers, a set of protocols in use, a customer support, bandwidth and speed and some additional features, like kill switch and warrant canary.

Having found an appropriate variant, all you need is to send your email address and a nickname to the company for getting a free trial. While using the version, try to make some speed tests for you to understand whether it meets your demands or not. When all the conditions are fulfilled and you are satisfied with the results, this means you have found a suitable service for this country.

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