Viber & User options

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Viber & User optionsIt is impossible to imagine the situation when you do not use a messenger in the age of digital technologies. One of the most favourite messengers is Viber. The mobile application has gained popularity among users. Unfortunately, most users do not know about the opportunities provided by Viber. If you are interested in exploring more features of the application, you should read the following recommendations.


1. It is possible to hide your last seen

Get in the Settings, choose Privacy and Security and turn off the status Online. Even if you use the messenger, nobody will know about it.


2. “Checked message” may be hidden

If you do not what that your companion sees his message is checked, you should get in the Settings, choose Privacy and Security and clear a tick box which is responsible for checking messages.


3. Do not pad your phone memory

Photos and videos from chats are stored automatically. It is better to turn off the option. Get in the settings, choose Multimedia and turn off the option “store in the gallery”.


4. Send the message log on your computer

If you want to create a back-up file of the message log on your computer, you should send your messages to your email. Using Viber you may do it like that: Settings – Calls and Messages – Send message log


5. Do not show your profile image

There’s no necessity to show your profile image everybody. If you share the opinion, you should get in the Settings, Privacy and Security, in the option Profile image put tick Nobody. Now users who are not in your contact list can’t see your photo.


6. Delete status “App usage”

Almost all the applications and games downloaded on your phone are synchronized with Viber. That’s why it becomes available for the rest of your contacts. For turning off the option, get in the Settings, Privacy and Security and clear the tick box “App usage”.


7. Use password

To avoid reading your messages by a third person you should use password. Viber does not provide such option, but you can download the useful application from any AppStore and set up it easily.


It can help you to choose the best service for the secure messenger.