Verizon Kills Your Netflix Traffic? Go VPN!

Last updated: February 08, 2017

Verizon Kills Your Netflix Traffic? Go VPN!Being a Netflix fan you know that Comcast and Verizon are paid by the channel to enhance the network performance and maintain the streaming service at a high level with a good bandwidth. However, Verizon has accused the channel of deliberate decrease of performance to stuff data down the company’s pipes. The company has also stated that Netflix delivers the traffic through some third-party providers with limited capacity. The latest research has shown that multiple Verizon’s capacity is not used and what is more, it has demonstrated that Netflix has a plenty of extra bandwidth. Simply put, Verizon doesn’t make use of the links that can allow bettering the service of the channel.

However, if you want to continue watching the streaming content posted on Netflix, you need to apply the best VPN for Netflix for your system and network. The latest tests have proven that by running the service your transfer speed can be boosted up to Netflix maximum rate 3000Kbps. So, if you are still confused, you need to have a deeper look at the technology operation. A good service makes your traffic encrypted and invisible for the rest including your ISPs, Netflix administration and etc. They are able to throttle your traffic and reduce your bandwidth, which can lead to the result when you will be obliged to watch the movies in a low quality. Besides, most up-to-date services make their servers upgraded if related to speed performance by adding some extra tools for them. What is more, you will be able to choose less loaded server and watch the streaming content in the highest quality. On top of all that you will have an opportunity to watch your favorite streaming service even being outside the US.  Provided that you have decided to go to another country and want to watch one of your favorite movies, you can choose one of your ‘home’ VPN servers and get access to Netflix. So, the service has also some additional characteristics that will make your network even more enhanced and protected.

Provided that you are lack of knowledge about what a VPN is you need to have a look at the main standpoints of the service:


A good VPN service makes your true address invisible for ISPs and other prying eyes, which makes your service more private. Besides, multiple VPNs offer dedicated IPs, which can make your service even more defended. For those who are among the customers a VPN can be useful as it provides multiple server locations that can give you a chance to choose any country you wish and to buy things from different restricted in your region online shops.

The best VPN makes all your traffic encrypted, which is gained through the usage of up-to-date protocols. While sending or receiving any traffic on the internet it passes through a secured tunneling and gets inaccessible for any third party. For those who want to buy something from ecommerce sites, running a VPN will be a great idea as all the targeted ads that make you restless can be switched off and nobody will be able to track your activity back.

The most reliable VPN assures to keep no logging or metadata, which makes your service protected not only from adversaries, ISPs and other prying parties, but also from the VPN provider you have chosen. In such a way all your online activities will be protected from uncontrolled penetration into your private life.


While choosing a good VPN service you need to pay attention to a vast variety of server locations, strong encryption protocols, unlimited bandwidth, trial version or money-back guarantee, support of different payment methods, 24/7 professional technical group assistance, security, privacy and high level of anonymity. If all the main categories are taken into account by you while choosing a VPN service, you can be sure to make a right choice. If you are still not assured about a service, you can try a free trial version or subscribe for the service with a money-back guarantee. So, as you see, a reliable service can not only provide you with access to geo-restricted services, but also can make your entire network protected from multiple threats.

Verizon Kills Your Netflix TrafficAfter the media company of Netflix decided to make the access to the web source more rigorous, you should know that the rule is applicable for all VPNs, but not for the best ones. Once you subscribe for a good service, you are free to shift your virtual location wherever you want to. Another great reason why some VPNs are lack of reliability is that they run out-of-dated technologies. When talking about main protocols used by services are PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec and etc. the commonest are PPTP and OpenVPN. The first one is stated as a faster one in speed performance where the second one is safer. If you have checked your average internet connection speed and made sure it won’t be reduced a lot by a good protection like a VPN, you should run the second variant, as the first has been already stated by numerous security experts as less defensive. 

As soon as you know that Verizon throttles Netflix’s traffic, you need to subscribe for the best VPN service, which is not only to make your traffic free from throttling and speed enhanced, but also to make your online life safer. If your vacation plans have coincided with a new series release on your favorite Netflix, you should decide on either of the opportunities or seize the both. In case if you are tired of being constantly deprived of the most interesting for you information online, you need to run the best VPN to make your network free from threats and censorship.   The channel’s policy of IPs blocking is just the beginning of the so-called war state between Netflix and VPNs, as far it goes worse methods are to be used to make people unable to watch their favorite series outside the US.