Use these 5 hacks for cybersecurity on vacation. #5 is awesome

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
Last updated: 14/05/2018

Summer is a great season for vacation near the seaside, traveling around the world or just enjoying its sunshine and hot weather.

Everyone shares summer photos, chats with darling friends on the social networks or keeps a blog on the net about an amazing trip.

Does anybody care about cybersecurity?

The results of summer travel cybersecurity poll, which was conducted by University of Phoenix, show that 55% of the registered voters use devices without caring too much about cybersecurity.

It means that most people simply forget about internet hackers. This thing is not the only one they have found out.

Want to know the best part?

According to the survey, three out of four respondents confirm that they take their mobile phones with them, and half use their gadgets at least once an hour. Unfortunately, few take precautionary measures for preventing hackers’ attacks. 50% of the interviewed lock devices when they are not in use, but less than half take more serious measures, for instance, hiding devices when away (40%), updating antivirus software (39%) or changing passwords (24%).



According to the poll, the biggest concern is stolen bank information (46%), the next position is stolen gadget (26%), and the others are afraid of viruses (18%), hacked e-mail (8%) or social media (5%) accounts.



Despite the fact that everybody wants to relax in summer, hackers and snoopers keep an eye on your personal data, which is getting more vulnerable to their attacks due to superficial behavior of its owners.

What can be done to prevent them?

Here you can see 5 simple hacks for staying free from cyber dangers.

  • Strong passwords

Do not create simple and easy-to-crack passwords, think of the one that will be strong enough, but not too complicated for remembering it, unless you want to forget it and fail to access your account.

  • Changing of the password before traveling

Make a new password before leaving which will be pretty useful for ensuring your cybersecurity.

  • Update your Antivirus

Be sure that your Antivirus is able to protect your device from ransomware and viruses.

  • Refresh the software of the gadget itself

It is also vital to take care about the latest versions of the updating your software. The more advanced it, the less susceptible it is for cyber attacks.

  • Use a VPN connection

A VPN service creates a tunnel where your personal information is encrypted. When it goes through the network, it is invisible for snoopers, hackers and other virtual criminals. It makes internet connecting safer and protected from undesired intrusion into your privacy.

What’s the bottom line?

If you want safe and private vacation, it is better to take cybersecurity precautionary measures before traveling! Care about your cybersecurity!

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