Use Ricochet instead of button up your mouth while being online

Last updated: March 23, 2017

Use Ricochet instead of button up your mouth while being onlineA new secure messenger Ricochet has been ambitiously stated as the best solution for online communications. According to the received information, the app is to hide your identity, contacts, geo-location, messages from all the prying eyes. It is known to be compatible with such OSes as Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

The messenger is claimed to have several benefits for those who appreciate their online safeness and privacy:

  • Firstly, during the operation process Ricochet is assured to store no logging or metadata on its servers;
  • Secondly, no interested party can find any information about your personality or the recipients of your messages;
  • Thirdly, the app connects to your contact with the help of Tor system, which eliminates detached servers usage.
  • Besides, the app creates a locked service with the help of end-to-end encryption. Therefore, your virtual location, as well as an authentic address stay hindered;
  • Having installed the app on your system, you will be assigned with a personal address, for instance ricochet:wt5sy29hrh73pdlr. To get into your contact list your friends will have to learn this unique code;
  • There are no such things as sharing the contacts list with other accounts, as it happens with WhatsApp and Facebook, for instance;
  • The messenger runs a specially developed protocol, which is stated to be resistant to cyber attacks;

While considering the interface of the app on the part of an average user, it’s easy-to-use and friendly app that impresses with its simplicity. So, being an average customer, don’t be afraid of viewing a set of symbols on the blue screen, try to launch Ricochet and you will see there is nothing difficult in using it. Besides, you don’t need to know English, as soon as the app is adopted for several countries. You can get an access to the messenger from a Ricochet file sharing. The only minus is that the first connection to the network can be pretty long, as soon as you connect to Tor network through the app for the first time.

Although the app is a quite new invention in the sphere of internet security, which is based on a simple protocol, it has already taken the fancy of more than million users. So, take a chance to try the system and see for yourself. For getting even more credibility we offer you to run the app through a VPN service, which is to make your network unapproachable like a stone wall.