The US IT companies have approached with a begging letter to Donald Trump

Last updated: May 14, 2018

The US IT companies have approached with a begging letter to Donald Trump After the feds decided the final outcome of the presidential elections in the US, IT companies have called Donald Trump to encourage data encryption. In keeping with Reuters, the US Internet Association representatives such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and etc. have declared their determination to cooperate with the president elect.

From there, a letter from the companies formulating their feedback according to his actions towards the sphere has been sent to Trump. Among all the points requested in the letter the most important of them are data encryption, an immigration reform holding and user’s privacy protection.

Some of the both parts’ concerns have coincided like indulgence of Internet platforms censorship, income from intellectual property tax rebate, and increase in the European markets for the US companies.

According to some outstanding specialists in the sphere of online protection and political analysts, the case, involving data encryption approval will be discommended by Trump. But through it all, today’s customer needs online protection, therefore VPNs see heavy use in many countries of the world. The US is one of the countries where the policy of Internet censorship fails in its attempt to create an illusion of free Internet access for all the citizens. That’s exactly why your network needs a VPN.