The US Department of Justice has appealed judges to use Tor

Last updated: November 04, 2016

The US Department of Justice has appealed judges to use TorIt is difficult to define the attitude of American government to Tor as clear-cut. The major funder of the company designing the anonymizer is the US. Nevertheless, such security service as FBI exploits its vulnerabilities for catching criminals. The situation became more difficult because of the recommendations made by justice ministry.

According to the published documents, justice ministry appealed over 100 federal judges to use Tor. As judge Robert J. Bryan has stated that the aim of using the network is to protect the personal data stored on computers from being hacked and data leak.

As the stenograph shows, Robert J. Bryan has attended the federal jurisdiction seminar held in San Francisco. The chief of Cybercrime Lab Ovie Carroll told the audience about data leak and cybercrimes. At first Bryan was surprised when Ovie Carroll started persuading to use Tor. As for Bryan, he can’t share the opinion, as FBI can bypass the protection easily.

Actually the Carroll’s advice is not useful. Tor does not provide the complete protection from data leak. But on the whole, to hear such advice from head of the government is uncommon.