Unblock Yahoo messenger in Saudi Arabia

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Unblock Yahoo messenger in Saudi ArabiaIt’s not a secret to any tourist that Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the most limited allowed travelers’ number, as well as the most limited internet freedom. Having decided to go there through thick and thin, you need to arm with some additional tools for not to get into a zone of inaccessibility for your relatives and friends.

Yahoo messenger, as well as Telegram, Skype, Facebook and other means of internet communication are blocked or throttled in the country by the authorities. So, if you don’t want to leave your fingerprints buying a SIM card from their mobile operators, you need to subscribe for a reliable VPN service.

A well-staffed VPN app is to hide your true address and geo-location. Provided that you are from the US, having established an internet connection from Saudi Arabia with the help of one of a VPN’s US servers, you can run your ‘home’ network from there and stay in contact with your relatives and friends. Besides, a reliable service encrypts all of your transferring data, which makes you protected from ISPs penetration into your private online activities and government surveillance. Moreover, a reliable VPN service stores no logging or any other metadata, which makes your internet environment anonymous.

While choosing a suitable app you should pay attention to the number of connectable servers located in other countries, encryption methods in use, a free trial version and a money-back guarantee, instant customer support, compatibility with your OSes and availability of multiple connections to one account. Providing that all the conditions are met, you have a good reason to make a subscription for the service without any risks for your budget.  Unfortunately, many up-to-date services can’t resist against the strict policy of censorship and monitoring. Therefore, having decided to save money while connecting through a free or unreliable service you pose a risk to your network and all the confidential data you send, as soon as it can be easily exposed. So, make a right choice if you care about your safety.