Torrents VPN vs Proxy

Last updated: May 14, 2018

As soon as torrenting is so popular among users all over the world the idea to block torrent websites has drawn a response in terms of additional tools usage.

As soon as different governments restricted access to torrenting due to piracy activity through appropriate laws implementation, numerous outputs have been applied for the purpose of bypassing the blocking. In this way such tools as proxy servers and VPNs are popular among torrent runners. Nevertheless, a controversy has arisen between followers of these two outputs. Some customers say a VPN is better than proxies, the other argue the converse.

Therefore, it has been decided to compare the two technologies to show their differences and similarities.



A VPN service acts as a middle element between your connected device and servers you connect to (a website, an email, etc.). The service is also used for shifting your virtual location. The difference is that a VPN service has a wider range of server locations for one subscription.Besides, all your traffic becomes encrypted with the usage of up-to-date protocols while passing through a secure tunneling.This makes it unreadable and inaccessible for any prying eyes and filtering systems. Moreover, your anonymity level is to be enhanced due to NO logging policy of a good service. Besides, you get professional customer assistance and a money-back guarantee.

The service acts as a middle element between your connected device and a server you connect to (a website, an email, etc). The service is used for shifting one’s virtual location. Thus being physically located in the US you can surf the UK websites when having connected to the internet through a UK proxy server. Despite a VPN proxy server should be chosen in advance and offer one virtual location.For example, if you have downloaded a VPN app, you see a list of servers placed in different countries and cities. Having subscribed for a proxy, you get one virtual location. As soon as all your traffic passes through a proxy it’s difficult to identify your true address, but the traffic itself is unencrypted.So, the main advantage of a proxy server is a possibility to hide your true address and shift your virtual location, which is not suitable for torrenting, as your traffic can be intercepted.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether to subscribe for the best VPN for torrents or to choose a proxy server, but for a privacy-concerned customer the choice is vivid. If you want to get internet freedom as well as online safeness, you should tend to VPN usage.

Provided that you have decided to run a VPN, your network achieves full protection, as well as all of your confidential information.