The Tor Error Problem is being solved

Last updated: August 25, 2016

The Tor Error Problem is being solved It is surely obvious that in these latter days a special role should be assigned to the problem concerning protection of personal information. If you don’t take appropriate steps to achieve a qualitative protection against information leakage on the Internet no one can give you guarantees that you won’t experience hacker attacks. Many IT companies continue developing new services to enhance the security of the Internet networks. But due to the fact that this sphere of technologies is under the constant positive development some errors may be detected in this or that service during its testing period.

Thus, a troublesome problem has been found in the Tor Project’s browsers.

Many trusting Tor customers may be alarmed at their real IP address leakage. The fact is that if your Tor browser’s configuration hasn’t been made properly you can face some safety problems. For those people who use Tor because their data safeness is the urge this trouble associated with the possible information loss and customer’s actual IP address identification can cause substantial damage to their confidentiality. In addition, it has been found that the mentioned error rises not only in the incorrectly configured browser but also in that Tor browser which has been properly set up. The root of the corner is that Tor doesn’t have a complete support for IPv6.

But nonetheless, basing on Google sources there is a limited number of IPv6 customers. For this reason, it can help The Tor Project to avoid the critical level of undesirable consequences. Moreover, Tor team has enough time to solve the problem and present to its customers a renewed qualitative project.

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