Top 5 security mechanisms for wearables

Last updated: June 29, 2017

It seems that there have been created plenty of innovations in IT and one of them is a wearable camera which is getting more popular at present. Why? On the one hand, they are aimed at protecting people and as the means of testifying one’s innocence, for instance. On the other hand, people are reluctant to be inspected by some law enforcement officials.

It is expected that almost 24 million wearable cameras will be produced by the year of 2022. Actually it raises the discussion of security and privacy. How not to be subjected to danger? Is it accomplishable to stay safe and private at the time of cybercrimes?

 Before we answer these questions, let’s think in what way hackers may apply against you the data collected on the network. These network lawbreakers may intercept the traffic and use for the purposes of racketeering or corruption. This poor person would be made to do something that he or she might not desire. Regretfully, it will probably happen for a long period and the victim will feel as if it is a vicious circle.

Now let us come back to the necessity of safety and privacy we have written earlier. How do the owners of portable cameras can safe personal files from snooping? Those manufacturers who produce these cameras propose their potential customers certain security mechanisms for defending the virtual content. Now take a look at the mechanisms they offer:

  • Identity verification

Vendors realize importance of the information collected by cameras and don’t want it to be revealed to the public eye. No strangers can access the files as this individual must know a certain login for entering the system.

  • Strong password

For the strongest protection one must create a complicated password so that any dishonest people can’t crack it. Remember to change from time to time.

  • Data codifying

Encrypting can surely contribute to your safety as complicated protocols are applied for it. Net criminals have fewer opportunities to overcome a protection. By the way a VPN service provides such defensive means which double your security. It wouldn’t go a miss!

  • Build-in storing

One may keep the information not on SD-cards but on the data store of the device. No one will get rid of the recording before uploading to the system.

  • Blurring out the faces

The feature is certainly offered for concealing some uninvolved people.

These are top 5 security mechanisms for portable cameras. Possessing them allows you to be much more safe and private.