Tips to protect your data using cloud services

Last updated: January 02, 2017

Tips to protect your data using cloud services Nowadays companies are concerned about their data privacy like never before. They build data security centers managing with up-to-date hardware and software, order services of security providers (MSSPs) in the cloud. But which method is the most secure and safe for business?

In spite of the fact that cloud-based services are well regarded, they have some weak points being under the following threats:

  • No matter which network or account you utilize logging in to corporate server, some cyberattacks do not need human resources and commit atrocities automatically. That’s why without a strong authentication policy the company can be compromised. The only way is to install a multilayered encrypted authentication system which will confirm the identity of active users.
  • Unfortunately, you can employ a man without scruples which collects or even steals corporate data and makes money by crooked means. Be scrupulous and try to identify the insider and determine malicious attack.
  • If you command the cloud services, check your provider’s security audits, supply chain and disaster recovery plans. Doing so, you will be sure of security system strengthens and your personal data unattainability.
  • No one is impervious to data breaches and if it concerns you, make sure that you don’t store all your live data in one basket. Make copies periodically and utilize encryption utilities. You can also cooperate with multiple data centers, but do not forget about data backups.
  • Finally, you can subscribe for a VPN service which encodes all traffic operating with strong encryption protocols. You can choose a decent VPN which guarantees your business a high-quality service. Make the right choice and keep your corporate data secure with a VPN.