Tips to protect net activity of young users

Last updated: December 19, 2016

Our children grow up in a high-developed world, so it is no surprise that they have love to technology and multiple connected tools. They can watch entertaining videos or surf the Internet looking for useful educational information. On the one hand children cognize our modern world by their own, but on the other they are exposed to dangers coming from the Internet and its suspicious content.

Getting involved in the heart of the problem, young internet users can visit pages containing info which can affect their mind and mentality. Unfortunately, no one can control all data flow available in the global net and accessible to anyone. That’s why we need to protect our children from drug and arm deals online, pornography and violent material.

If you do not care for your children online privacy, look for the following tips and take necessary measures.

Talk over the possible risks with your children

The first and the most significant step is to discuss the problem with your children and explain them why the Internet is so dangerous and which measures they need to undertake.

Stay informed about the new network hazards

Show the correct way for your kids and keep up about the latest cybersecurity news and risks coming from the global net, especially that it doesn’t take a lot.

Think about parental control installation

There is nothing easy like using parental control on devices to keep kids away from adult content. This mechanism is often utilized when your kids are too young to understand the significance of online security.

Give a hand with creating a social media account

Today we can’t imagine our lives without social media. Be sure that your children will create an account and it would be better if you would help them. Configure an appropriate privacy control on their profile, explain which info they should share with and why. What is more, follow your kids’ social media profiles from time to time to make sure they don’t do anything inappropriate.

Install a VPN service

VPN is the best technology to protect your kids from exterior hazards. It builds a secure encrypted connection from your personal device to the Internet making your network inaccessible for hackers and malicious content. You can easily configure a service to block access to undesirable content and save your children from negative influence from the net. In addition, the technology hides your real IP address and geographical location making your identity unrecognizable for all net community. In such a manner VPN removes risks of being monitored by a third party and protects your personal info from stealing and your children from unsafe effects.

Hacking of your children social profiles is more dangerous you might imagine. But using a VPN you can protect your kids from hackers attacks and secure their internet activity. In such a manner you will forget about risks coming from the Internet and make the content safe for you children.