Tips to protect IoT devices against hackers

Last updated: January 27, 2017

Tips to protect IoT devices against hackersManaging with IoT devices you cannot even imagine how vulnerable they are to external cyber-attacks. In order to protect home network from the security risks coming from the Internet, use generally accepted practices, including malware protection, firewall installation or trusted web sources preference. What is more, use VPN service to ensure the strongest level of security and privacy online.

In simple phrase, VPN is a conjunction of security protocols that build an encrypted tunnel through which gadgets connect to the global net safely and anonymously. This connection is difficult to track and intercept not only for malicious hackers, but for your net provider too. As the result, your transporting data is encoded and safe from a prying eye, your web activity is masked and cannot be monitored.

How to use VPN for IoT?

First of all, you need to choose a decent service and then install the software on each device or simply on your router. The second variant is more convenient in the perspective of saving time and efforts using one single VPN connection. Then follow the instruction designed by your VPN provider and enjoy secured home network.

Which protocol you need to use?

Fortunately, an average VPN user has a multiple number of choices when it comes to selecting the useful protocol. Depending on your preferences between performance and security level, you can pick one of the following protocols:

  • PPTP offers the easiest method of implementing VPN technology meanwhile providing the lowest security level. If you are concerned about general security with no extra features, this is the good choice for you.
  • L2TP includes authentication process while exchanging data that makes it the best protocol for bypassing ISP and net level blockages, such as geo-restrictions. However, it lowers connection speed and raises the risk of being blocked by ISPs.
  • OpenVPN offers various advantages including fast connection speed, high security level and ability to bypass geo-restrictions. Seeing this fact that OpenVPN is problematic to set up, better use a router which is already configured with it.

Overall, VPN service will secure your network whenever and wherever you are. All you need is to choose a reliable VPN which offers multiple protocols and will be suitable for your router’s model. Only then you may stay calm utilizing IoT devices in your house.