Take these 5 steps to check whether your network has been compromised

Last updated: October 27, 2016

Take these 5 steps to check whether your network has been compromised Nobody wants to be attacked by a hacker with all the ensuing consequences, therefore you need to take at least five small steps towards your network protection:

#1 As you know, your spends are allowed to be tracked instantly by different banks. It can be made via a dedicated smart phone or any other app where the data is sent. In addition, multiple online banks have started using https protocol on their official websites, which is much more protective, than the previous version. But unfortunately, not every bank has crossed over to the innovation, thus it’s better to see about your online money transferring independently.

#2 Email phishing scams should be avoided by you. Beware the threat as it can cause harm to your online identity protection. The email like that is a legit-looking one, which is received from a big company asking you to reset your account details or to follow some links. NB! You shouldn’t fall for it.

#3 Your input emails can be checked for selling them on the dark web by using some dedicated sites for it. But remember that you can bypass any threats when thinking about your privacy maintenance in advance and following all the main rules of your protection.

#4 If you want to have a secure access you need to check whether your wireless connection is reliable. Free Wi-Fi connection is an attractive offer that may lead to some undesired consequences, such as sensitive data leaks or identity theft.

#5 According to the latest estimate in the sphere, most hacker attacks have been committed over the systems, which apps and other major programs have been out-of-date. So, if you want to enhance your online protection, you should update all your software as regularly as possible.

Finally, everything depends on you including your online protection. So, following these simple actions you will be defended from multiple threats we face each day while networking.