SmartDNS and the Best SmartDNS Providers

Last updated: January 16, 2018

SmartDNS ProvidersWhen you want to contact a person using your phone and don’t know their phone number, you just need to enter their name and then dial. The internet operates just the same way or using a similar style. Say, you want to browse a website such as, you will just need to type in the words (URL) and then the computer will deliver the website to your screen. However, the computer will take your words and match them with the domain numbers of the website which could be something like This is a DNS or Domain Name System.

A DNS, in other words, can be referred to as a kind of a phonebook that the internet employs. There are many websites which are Geo-restricted such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix. Accessing these websites is impossible if you happen to be in the wrong Geographical location. By just using the normal DNS, you will be unable to access such Geo-restricted or blocked websites and that’s why there are SmartDNS to help you out. But before subscribing for a service you need to learn how Smart DNS works, what DNS proxy is and DNS tunneling over a VPN.

A SmartDNS server is simply a DNS server which clients to a proxy server when they request certain websites or services. Mostly, accessing the services of a SmartDNS require that you pay some subscription. A SmartDNS is designed to be an intermediary between you and the website that you want to browse. It could be you are in Egypt, where websites such as Facebook are banned. You will need to use a SmartDNS to help you access the website. The features that you will be able to enjoy on the said website will be the same as though you were browsing the said website from a Geo-accepted location. So, if you need the best Smart DNS for Australia, you will find plenty of them on the internet.

What is the difference between SmartDNS and a VPN service and how do they co-act?

One of the most in-demand technologies for a router today is a VPN. The service is highly appreciated for its possibility to avoid geo-restrictions and blocking, as well as government censorship and surveillance. Having established a VPN connection for your Roku or Apple TV, you will be allowed for watching any streaming service that has been previously blocked. However, a VPN is not an exclusive way to make streaming services unblocked. Among people who look for a reliable tool that is to make all the geo-restricted media content available on their devices, there is an either-or question: whether to subscribe for a VPN or SmartDNS.




It is an up-to-date technology, which is applied by many business and average customers for making their network free from web threats and free for surfing. The service makes your authentic address hidden and all the generated traffic encoded, so that nobody has access to it.

How does it cope with unblocking?

Any VPN app creates a secure tunneling between your connected device and a VPN server you choose. The tunneling makes your true address substituted by a VPN one and all the data is made into unreadable set of symbols. The average speed of an internet connection is to be slower than without a VPN server, which is due to encryption process. However, for those who run a high-speed connection the difference will be subtle.

It is a so-called protocol, which is applied for re-routing traffic required for identifying your geo-location. The service doesn’t provide encryption or IP address hindering.

How does it cope with unblocking?

The technology makes it through changing your normal DNS, so that all the ‘off-shore’ resources accept you as a user from their geo-location. As long as SmartDNS doesn’t encrypt your online traffic, the average internet speed is higher if compare it with a VPN’s one. However, it leaves all your traffic available online, so that any adversary can get access to and misuse it.


So, in case if you need to bypass some regional restrictions to watch Netflix or Hulu, which follow a filtering system for all the VPNs trying to get access to the streaming resources, SmartDNS is good enough. But if talking about online protection, the service won’t do well. Therefore, such customer-oriented companies as PureVPN, Overplay and others have decided to combine the forces of both the technologies. As a result anyone who wishes to get access to some geo-restricted web resources can bypass the most enhanced filtering systems of the channels and watch their favorite TV shows online.

Moreover, in this case all the transferred data will be thoroughly encrypted and thus protected from undesired penetration or surveillance. Such as there were, when thinking about accessing a geo-restricted resource you need to take into account all the factors including your web protection. That’s exactly why the compound of these highly-featured technologies is to make everything you need for getting access to your favorite web resources while staying protected.

SmartDNS ProvidersWhere is SmartDNS applied?

When you want to browse a website that is Geo-restricted, you will need to change the DNS on your device. This is what the SmartDNS is supposed to. It will change the DNS of your device to that of the location which your target website will accept. If you are in Iran, for example, you will need to use a SmartDNS to enable you access Netflix. This DNS will simply change your IP to a location or country of your preference such that Netflix will not know you are accessing it from Iran but rather from the preferred location, say the USA.

A SmartDNS firm simply re-routes your data through a proxy server which is located in the country where the website you want to browse is located. SmartDNS is specifically designed to help you unblock Geo-restricted websites and other internet resources. It is important to note that this DNS does not hide your IP. It also doesn’t encrypt your data but rather increases the speeds with which you can stream films, TV series or just access internet using your device.

It can, therefore, be concluded that a SmartDNS is the fastest and simplest way through which you can access Geo-restricted and blocked internet resources rather than the Virtual Private Networks (VPN). However, when raising an issue Smart DNS vs VPN for Netflix, there are followers of different points of view.

Which web services are supported by Smart DNS?

Smart DNS reroutes your traffic only to a supported website or service, which assures that the following browsing is not affected. In such a manner, when you access online banking or check email, this data is not transported through proxy servers.


Each Smart DNS provider offers a different number of supported channels and services. Therefore, customers should check the list of available web services to make sure that the content they want to stream is supported.


A typical Smart DNS provider offers the following list of services:

  • video and music streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ABC, HBO, Showtime, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Spotify;
  • sport services: NFL GamePass, Fox Soccer 2Go, WWE Network, NBC Sports Live Extra, TV3 Sport, EuroSports Player;
  • social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Compatibility with Smart TV, Consoles and Computers

smartdnsOne of the major benefits of Smart DNS technology is a range of compatible devices. Seeing the fact that you are not required to install any software for DNS settings, Smart DNS services are available on the majority of various devices and operating systems.

In such a manner, devices utilized for Smart DNS streaming include:

  • PC and Mac;
  • mobile platforms and tablets;
  • Smart TV;
  • game consoles, such as Xbox360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Play Station 4.

In addition, you can install Smart DNS on your wireless router, meaning that all connected devices will benefit and be able to stream geo-restricted content simultaneously.


Nevertheless, if you decide to install Smart DNS, contact a service provider to be sure that the device you’re aimed to use is supported. There is more, many Smart DNS providers also offer free trials, which is optimal for testing your gadgets for compatibility. In addition, you can find setup tutorials and guides for most devices on the official websites on Smart DNS providers. 


The best SmartDNS firms in the market today

A good SmartDNS provider is determined by several things among them the ability to help users enjoy faster internet speeds. It should also be noted that such a provider must enable you to bypass all Geo-restricted websites as well as enable you to stream films, TV series and music.

PureVPN SmartDNS

This firm was established in 2006 and is based in Hong Kong. It offers its customers unlimited server switching capability hence making it impossible for ISP throttling. The PureVPN SmartDNS comes with blazing online streaming speeds which can go up to 20MBps. These speeds are achieved irrespective of the user’s internet speed. With over 80,000 IP addresses, you can rest assured to enjoy the very best of SmartDNS today. The firm further employs PTPP, L2TP/ IPSec protocols which are ideal when you are looking forward to streaming of films and music and other torrents. 

Overplay SmartDNS

online-securityOne of the key things to note about Overplay SmartDNS is that you don’t need to download any app or software in order to start using it. The firm’s DNS is compatible with computers, phones, XBox, 360 and PS3. This firm which was started in 2009 has servers distributed in close to 50 countries and this means that you have access to content to every other region in the world. You can choose to pick a SmartDNS option or a VPN option which also comes with all the DNS features such as unlimited server and region switching, zero-traffic logs and usage of PTPP and L2TP protocols. 

HideIP VPN Premium SmartDNS

HideIP VPN SmartDNS has servers strategically located in at least 7 countries. The firm is based in Poland. The firm uses 5 protocols including PTPP, L2TP, and SoftEther which are designed to allow you stream films and music at blazing speeds. Every plan that the firm offers comes with unlimited bandwidth and speed and is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. You will get to enjoy DNS leak protection as you explore Geo-restricted websites in the US, the UK, Netherlands, and France among other countries. The SmartDNS site is easy to navigate and the customer support team is available 24/7. 

TorGuard Smart SmartDNS

Torguard SmartDNS has over 1,600 high-speed servers distributed in over 50 countries across the world. In order to get access to the firm’s servers, you are required to download software in three simple steps. The SmartDNS comes with unlimited speed and bandwidth which is backed by a one-month money back guarantee. The servers here offer dedicated IP addresses which ensure that the speeds use such protocols as PTPP, StockS5, and L2TP ideal for torrenting and online streaming of films, TV series and other online content. Irrespective of the DNS plan you pick, you will enjoy access to over 200 servers located in 8 countries.

Blockless SmartDNS

After just two steps which involve installing an app and creating an account, you get unlimited access to the internet using Blockless SmartDNS. The Blockless firm was launched in 2012 and is based in Ontario, Canada. Irrespective of your location on the globe, you will have access to countless Geo-restricted websites such as Netflix USA, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and CNN among other online resources. Your online freedom and safety are guaranteed when you join Blockless SmartDNS because every plan offers bank-level encryption and uses reliable and extremely protocols. You will have a chance to try the SmartDNS for free before getting to commit your money first. 

SmartDNS providerSmart DNS security risks

The security risk of utilizing Smart DNS proxy servers comes close to that of using any other proxy servers. As an example, a compromised proxy is capable of performing man-in-the-middle attacks on unsecured traffic routed through it.  Since the victim is not aware which part of his traffic is rerouted and intercepted by the malicious proxy, the risk extends to all websites the customer accesses.

Anyway, using a Smart DNS proxy service is not a bad idea. But if you randomly look for DNS codes online and then apply them to unblock any web content you need, security risk increases steadily assuming the hazards below.

  1. Your privacy is exposed, so you don’t even guess what info is collected about you and for what purposes.
  2. You run into performance issues, such as Smart DNS server overloading and internet connection speed reducing.
  3. All your sensitive data is under threat of being compromised and used for malicious purposes. In such a manner, personal info from social accounts, email and bank online area is at greater risk of being rerouted and stolen.
  4. Finally, you have no one to ask for help, this is because DNS codes are not supplied with technical support.


One of the many reasons people ask themselves when they hear of SmartDNS is whether it will add anything to their already good internet experience. Well, a SmartDNS never interrupts your ISP internet speed. However, when it gets to online streaming with almost every other DNS, you will witness improved speed. In any case, a reliable SmartDNS provider should assure you of enjoying the same speeds when streaming online even when you have started using a proxy server.

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Hi there! I have a Linux laptop and want to setup smart DNS proxy on it. But nothing works. I studied lots of articles and it is all in vain. I tried to change ISP settings via Network Manager, followed the tutorials and nothing works. What to do? I want access foreign streaming sites, but can’t.
reply December 07, 2017
It is very strange that you have troubles with your Linux gadget, as Smart DNS Proxy is compatible with it. The easiest way to get access to streaming services blacklisted in the region you subscribe for one of the VPN services. If you don’t want to pay much, choose one of the list of free or cheap VPNs. You will definitely like NordVPN and IPVanish for their versatility and affordability.
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This article became a real discovery for me! lol I thought smart dns is a part of vpns only. I didn’t concede it may function separately.
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Smart DNS may function in isolation and provide the access to streaming services. But at the same time Smart DNS is a part of many Virtual Private Networks. The mixture of Smart DNS and VPN is really fantastic. Try one of top 5 services described in the article and get to know how perfect you web streaming may become.