Setup PureVPN for router

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
Last updated: 28/07/2018

Setup PureVPN for routerHaving intended to make your internet environment free from threats, you need a reliable solution. PureVPN is one of those technically rich tools that helps not only to make your network protected from multiple threats, but also gives you a wide range of additional possibilities.

The service offers server locations posed in more than 141 countries all over the globe. Besides, it offers a wide range of protocols from which you have a chance to choose the most appropriate one. When talking about customer support, it should be noticed that the company suggests using 24/7professional assistance, which is to make your system protected from any undesired interference and difficulties. What is more, a money-back guarantee is included into the service’s packages, which makes your budget free from losses. But what is even more important for your budget is that all the packages proposed by the company are comparatively low in cost.

Having chosen PureVPN, you should know that you have a possibility to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously to one account, which is highly useful for a family and business customers. In this case you need to make sure the app is compatible with all the OSes you run. However, you can choose a simple way. Provided that you don’t travel a lot and all your gadgets are primarily used in your city, you can install the service on your router, which is to make all of your ‘home’ devices protected from threats coming from the internet. What is more, the devices you are going to run outside the house are to be also protected, as soon as you are able to connect four more gadgets. So, as you see, the service is not only rich in functions, but also good for all your family members or people you live with.

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