Last updated: September 12, 2017

SET YOURSELF UP FOR ONLINE PROTECTION After Yahoos accounts underwent massive attack, people might have taken a different approach to online security. There are different ways to save your sensitive data we have already spoken about.

Still there are some more basic things concerning online protection you should know about. As hackers find vulnerabilities in your software and commit attacks, you should think about troubleshooting. After such kind of attacks software developers make rid of or repair the vulnerability in a new version. Thus you can strengthen your online security by updating your software regularly and creating various effective passwords. When speaking about such simple protective measures as screen lock, the bigger you will make it the better it will be for your protection. For creating a more sufficient level of your sensitive data defense you should use nicknames instead of your real ones. In addition, your web camera can be a good tool for spying on you, so it’s better to put a sticky tape on it. So, these simple manipulations can increase your level of defense while networking.

When speaking about widespread public Wi-Fi hotspots or ISPs eavesdropping, you should take some other measures for more reasonable defense. One of the methods is a VPN for Wi-Fi hotspots, which is compatible with multiple devices and can be used by you in many situations. This service will help you to avoid all the restrictions and cyber attacks you can face while being online. So, don’t forget about these simple measures you can take for your online life protection.