Rotten Tomatoes: a guide to the world of movies

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
Last updated: 14/05/2018

rotten_tomatoeslogoRotten Tomatoes is a popular website in 2017 that collects film reviews, info and news from the movieland. The site name is based on the ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition to throw rotten tomatoes at artists whose acting didn’t impress the spectators.

How Rotten Tomatoes started


The website was launched in 1998 as Sehn Duong’s personal project. The aim was to create a resource where people can get access to the film reviews by various American critics. He got inspired after he started collecting the reviews of the films with Jackie Chan.

When did Rotten Tomatoes become popular? After the first review to film ‘’Your Friends and Neighbors’’ was posted on Rotten Tomatoes, the site achieved incredible popularity among the internet users. Yahoo!, Netscape and USA Today mentioned about Rotten Tomatoes just after a week of launching.

What you can find on Rotten Tomatoes


The website includes the reviews written by the association of film critics. Then the review is defined as a positive (marked with a red tomato) or negative (marked with a green rotten tomato). At the end of the year, one of the films gets a golden tomato which is the symbol of the highest rating for the period.rotten_tomatoesdina

Movies & DVDS


The section is devoted to new film releases or the ones that will come soon to cinemas, on DVD or streaming websites. One can find plenty of reviews, users’ comments and trailers in ‘’Movies and DVDS’’. What is more, you have the chance to discuss the films on forums or share you comment on the website.




Want to know more about TV shows and series? Interested which are top rated and outsiders? Here you can read up-to-date reviews and ratings posted on Rotten Tomatoes. You can scan through the top lists of TV shows or read episodic reviews devoted to them.




News section is good place to find gripping posts about films and actors. There are a few columns where you will find interesting posts on the topic.


What are top 5 movies for DVD and streaming according to Rotten Tomatoes?


The list of the first 5 top movies for DVD and streaming include:

#1 ‘’Moonlight’’

#2 ‘’Zootopia’’

#3 ‘’Hell or High Water’’

#4 ‘’Arrival’’

#5 ‘’LaLaLand’’


Thus, Rotten Tomatoes is like a guide to the world of movies. The website will make it more clear what is worth watching whether in cinemas, DVDs or streaming services. As far as the last is concerned, it would be better if you take care about your security and take use of VPN to watch best rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes.

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