Risks inherent with free VPNs for Windows Phone

Last updated: July 20, 2017

Risks inherent with free VPNs for Windows PhoneHaving decided to subscribe for a free VPN for Windows Phone, you should learn about some pitfalls before making it. So, we should start from such an obvious fact as the system’s device and its vulnerabilities related to internet connections. Data links or connection lines on such devices as smart phones are being constantly changed, which makes the operation of a traditional VPN service more difficult. Such a VPN can ‘see’ numerous changing IPs and can’t establish one secured tunneling for all of them. Therefore, your VPN is frequently disconnected from your smart phone or its server, which can lead to undesired data losses. In order to avoid the results, some advanced companies run special authorization systems on their servers (IPSec), which allow organizing data exchange for smart phones that frequently change their network settings, but stay within the same operator’s network.

Hence it appears that you need a specially enhanced service with installed authorization systems on their servers and kill switch. It will make your network protected from sudden data exposure even if there is a connection break. Unfortunately, free VPNs for Windows Phone don’t perform such a possibility, but the best VPNs for Windows offer these and some more possibilities. Another reason why you should subscribe for a high-quality paid service is that you will be supplied with 24/7 professional assistance, which is pretty important for those who are not technologically advanced. As soon as you are on a business trip and can’t get in contact with your partners due to some settings, you can write to the company’s customer support via the online chat and get the assistance or a remote-access help. Besides, if you are worried about your budget, you can look through some cheap services or those apps for Windows that render some sales. So, in any case, you should care for your system and find the most suitable solution for your Windows Phone.