Risk of having home smart devices hacked grows at an exponential rate

Last updated: December 26, 2016

vpn for smart home devicesAs the old saying goes, there is no place like home. Here you can feel calm and coziness, freedom and serenity like anywhere else. Nowadays, people wish for surrounding themselves with convenient furniture and modern technologies. Unfortunately, experts predict increasing of IoT attacks in the coming 2017 that threaten various devices located in many houses and is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Penetrating in home networks, hackers can not only block all doors or switch off the light, but also inflict irreparable harm to all system and linked devices. The risk of being hacked is daily increasing, especially during the Christmas holiday season when smart home devices are in great demand.

As practice shows, customers are not ready to stand against cyber-attacks and do not protect their devices at high level. For example, hackers got under control 100 000 IoT devices choosing DDoS attack this fall utilizing them to block traffic to popular internet content, such as Netflix or Twitter. This was the first massive cyber-attack which has utilized smart home devices and there is no doubt that it’s not the last one.

Seeing that the number of smart devices will be growing from 12 to 30 billion by 2020, customers need to undertake necessary protective measures.

The most vulnerable devices are smartphones because of their poor programming and ease of gaining username and password. Having this info, hackers are able to control the device and harm to connected gadgets.

In order to protect yourself and your home network against cyber-attack, you need to decide first whether you really need a smart home device. If you are positively disposed or even have one of these devices, you should change password and update the software to the latest version.

But there is more, subscribe for a VPN service to reduce the risk of being identified and hacked. The VPN technology utilizes strong encryption algorithms thereby coding all exchanging traffic and making it inaccessible for malicious hackers. Using the best VPN you will forget about hacker’s presence in your home.