Project Fi for Nexus Expands Wi-Fi Assistant

Last updated: March 07, 2018

Project Fi for Nexus Expands Wi-Fi Assistant Each time meeting with friends at a café or going on holidays we are confident that we will get access to free Wi-Fi. But who can say that this method of Internet connection guarantees safety of our confidential information? Fortunately, this issue is in the sight of many IT companies developing new solutions to the problem. Google says with its new Project Fi any user can avoid being hacked and can feel secure while networking.

Project Fi is to allow its Nexus owners accessing more than 1 million hotspots absolutely secure. This defensive function can be activated via the device settings. Having set the service up the VPN protects your confidentiality.

The VPN keeps the users’ data safe from any leakage and provides security while using public Internet connections. Having been activated on a device this function gives Google a possibility to monitor the system. Monitoring the system information allows improving and developing the output. When a user shuts any Wi-Fi connection off this built-in VPN “forgets” the network, so that any customer can be sure his/her device doesn’t have any unsafe accessing. But some video applications limiting the use in some locations may not work with this type of secure connection. In this case, you can simply set the connection manually.

Project Fi is a paid output; it can be bought for twenty dollars a month. In this regard, Google has announced that any defects will be compensated in monetary form. Although the Project Fi is open to Nexus users; for such platform as Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5 Project Fi is still inaccessible.