Private Internet Access setup

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Private Internet Access setup

PIA VPN is one of those rare services that offer a wide range of characteristics, which can be useful for customers with different needs. The service provides its customers with 3277+ servers in popular areas like America, UK, China, Canada and much more, all the up-to-date protocols, such as L2TP and OpenVPN used for making your network protected from traffic sniffing and interceptions, a money-back guarantee and all the additional features like kill switch.

The app is compatible with multiple OSes and the service suggests using it for up to 6 devices simultaneously. Among the platforms there are Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS. So, provided that you have decided to run it for all your devices, you will easily find a suitable solution.

The client account process is not as simple as for some other services. All you need to form a subscription is to fill in the form. The required information includes your email, card, billing address, city, state, zip code, country, expiration and CVC. From the first point of view it seems to be too much for a provider to have such data on its customers. Nevertheless, the data is needed for making your network protected with the help of this particular service, as long as it comes under the legislation system of the US. However, the company says to keep no logging or metadata on its customers. Such as there were, it’s up to you to decide whether to use it or not.

If comparing the service with numerous others presented on the market today, it seems to be boosted with additional characteristics, which protect customers from data exposure and increase the average operation speed of its services, which allows watching streaming services in a high quality and playing multi-player games online without any lags or hits.