PPTP vs OpenVPN vs SSTP VPN for Mac

Last updated: May 14, 2018

As soon as more and more customers are concerned about their online security and privacy, we have decided to perform a list of most popular protocols used for traffic transferring via a VPN and their brief comparison. The most popular protocols are presented in the table below:




It has been introduced together with Windows Vista. Today it’s compatible with numerous platforms. However, its main platform is still Windows. It offers similar possibilities to OpenVPN. But it is easier and more stable for using it with Windows. The standard is owned by Microsoft, which makes it bad for safeness, as the company is known to leave backdoors for the NSA.

It has been a standard protocol for VPN business during a long period due to the fact that it was developed by Microsoft VPN creators. Since then it goes as a standard protocol for all VPNs. One of its advantages is that it allows a low computation and as a result less losses in speed and energy. However, since its launch a number of vulnerabilities have been revealed. The main vulnerability allowed unauthorized customers to decrypt encrypted data within one or two days, which obliged Microsoft to patch the hole and appeal people to run other protocols. Nevertheless, the protocol is still used by VPNs and many satisfied customers due to its time-saving feature.

It is stated as the latest and the strongest amalgam of different technologies for data safety. It can be set to run on any port, which makes its traffic undistinguishable from HTTP and SSL and therefore unblocked. The protocol is considered as a ‘gold standard’ even by the US government. So, probably, this is the best variant for you too. The bad news is that it needs third party software and can be difficult to set up.

So, if you have decided to find the best VPN for Mac, you need to learn a lot of additional information about the service before making a choice.