Poker Professionals Play on Poker Stars Even in the US

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Poker Professionals Play on Poker Stars Even in the US The best known online Poker room Poker Stars still prohibits the US citizens playing on its site. The problem is that many professional regulars with high stakes, who visit big poker tournaments all over the globe such as EPT, prefer to sit at the online poker’s tables between tournaments. Poker Stars is known for its loyal attitude to players and high feedback level that’s why many poker lovers prefer this poker room, which divides players wisely and gives them a chance to take a crack at a poker game on a par with the rest.

But the location problem is not compelling for players from the United States. A VPN, which is probably the most in-demand service not only among poker professionals, but also among ordinary Internet users, who want to spoof the location or just feel safe, makes its customers realize that it really works and keeps their information away from hacker attacks and any tracking. For the US poker players using a VPN allows them escaping the border block. Choosing a VPN, which servers’ location is not limited to one country, any rounder can escape this sticky question. Today’s users have a large variety of VPN services.