The petition against the new law was signed by 100 000 people

Last updated: May 14, 2018

The petition against the new The petition against controversial package of counterterrorism measures was signed by about 100 000 people. It means the petition can be considered by the panel of experts.

The petition was posted on the site Russian non-government initiative where 100 098 people were in favour of it while 1439 were opposed to it. Moreover, 62% Russian have never heard about the law.

The expert’s decision is supposed to be made during two months after its submission.

The package of counterterrorism measures drafted by Yarovaya was signed by president Putin on 7th July 2017.

Human right activists think that the law outrages fundamental principles of the constitution in Russia. If to be exact, personal privacy is implied. As for engineering side, the law is absolutely useless. Besides, telecommunication companies inform about cost increase because of the law. In particular, according to the law providers should store the user’s data for six months. It requires capacity addition for performing the task, so it can lead to business failures.

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