Password security is not enough for your network

Last updated: November 07, 2016

Password security is not enough for your networkTaking into account the widespread fact that many customers do still use one and the same password for several accounts, the need of a password manager seems to be logical. The manager is known to create different secure codes for your accounts and keep them in the memory, so that you can get access to them wherever is needed.

One more useful tool is a password locker. The market is overloaded with multiple outputs of a kind and the reason for that may seem sustainable, but still even one dollar service, such as LastPass, turns to be unprofitable.

The main benefits of the product are:

  • Multi-device access (five users);
  • Fingerprint authentication;
  • A specially developed addition looks for weak and recurring passwords and suggests changing them.

As you see, a locker is pretty useful for you network, but nothing can be compared with a VPN service. If you are looking for a multi-functional defensive decision for your network, the best cheap VPN should be applied for, as the cost will be equal to the one of the locker, but the functions are qualitatively changed.