Is a password manager necessary as it’s said?

Last updated: December 29, 2016

Is a password manager necessary as it’s said? The global net proposes various online services where you need to establish a personal account for having access to the content. There is no doubt that every web surfer has 5 or more accounts with different login info. In order to remember all relevant info keeping it secured closed, password managers have been designed.

The software controls and protects user’s passwords and PIN codes operating with online databases which contain passwords’ encrypted info. You can configure a password manager to complete necessary fields automatically while visiting a website.

The mechanism is also used to preserve secret info from phishing attacks identifying fake websites and keeping your passwords hidden from hackers.

What is more, this technology can create strong passwords for all sites you visit. You must admit that it’s impossible to design various passwords of decent length which contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers and unique characters without assistance of the special software. This feature is essential especially when sites are hacked and all info including your accounts can be stolen and used for malicious purposes.

On top of that, your password can be mobile and protected through the usage of a password manager. The majority of them allow to contact with multiple devices including PC and smartphones.

If you decide to give password manager a try, you need to know that there are both free and paid versions. But none of them can guarantee 100% security without a VPN. The service is the most reliable way to avoid all the risks of being hacked while online and keeps all your data inaccessible for hackers.