Open VPN has been blocked in Egypt. Efficient hacks that still work there.

Last updated: May 14, 2018

openvpn_egyptThe fact that the government in Egypt is making online news resources unavailable is known on the internet space of Egypt and far from its borders. It has been estimated that the total number of such blockades is even more than four hundred.

What is more impressive nowadays is that VPN providers that have been a lifeline for being properly informed. As the result of recent VPN websites blockades, local ISPs have launched active use of DPI to track VPN activities.

By this time, such data encrypted protocols as PPTP, L2TP and even OpenVPN are not allowed and unavailable for reaching blocked websites in Egypt. As far as OpenVPN is concerned, it has become useless not long ago. At the beginning of October, the post was published on Reddit which said about OpenVPN being blocked. It was also mentioned that Tor does not work in Egypt as well

What does it mean for Egyptians? Will they be able to access the blocked news websites or there is no possible way out of it?

Ways to make blocked sites available in Egypt: are there any?

People don’t lose hope for reaching the websites and try to find possible tools among the existing ones. Here you can find some hacks to have at hand (they might be still efficient in Egypt):

Stunnel. How does it work?

You make configurations a client tunnel with Stunnel that connects to a Stunnel server on your VPS. Then instead of direct connection to the remote server via the OpenVPN client, you connect to your tunnel on local host. All traffic will be then be transparently transferred through the tunnel to your VPS, unwrapped, and forwarded on to your OpenVPN service.

Wireguard protocol is still available

Wireguard will probably be the most performant option for working on your router via OpenWRT/LEDE. Besides, there are probably options like running it through. It seems that Wireguard is not as popular as OpenVPN protocol at the moment, so it the matter to think that for some time it won’t be blocked in Egypt.

TLS-Crypt feature built into OpenVPN on TCP 443 might be useful

Some Egyptian users would recommend TLS-Crypt feature. It eliminates all metadata that can identify encrypted traffic as an OpenVPN tunnel. As the result, it looks like encrypted data.


Shadowsocks is considered to be an open-source proxy project, applied in China to bypass Internet censorship. They say that the tool works there in Egypt.

In conclusion

VPN is a good way to bypass internet restrictions, but unfortunately the government of Egypt makes all to disconnect people from the outside news. Nobody knows what will be the next step, and how long these hacks might be efficient.

If you know other efficient tools or feature to bypass internet censorship in Egypt, you are may freely write to us. You should also know that there are still certain risks in using not properly checked tools. You should care about you own online security.