Nord VPN smart play

Last updated: July 28, 2018

Nord VPN smart playAs soon as internet is highly restricted in many countries today, people look for credible solutions for the issue. One of the most in-demand methods of avoiding geo- and censoring restrictions is a VPN and Nord VPN in particular. However, not all customers know what a smart play is. We are to make you aware of the terminology, as well as why you need to use it.

So, a smart play is a secure proxy server used for avoiding geo-restrictions applied by some governmental agencies and numerous web resources. Nord VPN is a tool that is considered as one of the best among the competitors, which is quite reasonable. The functionality offered by the company permits you to overcome any troubles arisen by blocking. The service suggests using its up-to-date enhanced servers located in 54+ countries all over the globe. The number of servers is impressive about 724+ and it is still being grown by the provider. With such a broad choice of connections placed in different corners of our world you get access to practically any geo-restricted content.

Despite a detached smart play, you get additional protection fulfilled by numerous protocols, which are to encrypt all your generated traffic and to make it inaccessible for any adversaries or other prying eyes. Having subscribed for the service, you get an attractive offer to use any of protocols run by the company. Herewith you can choose L2TP or OpenVPN, which are known to encode any sensitive data at a military grade or to run PPTP, which offers fast operation of the system, as soon as the protection level is lower that of the previously mentioned protocols. While running PPTP you will be able to watch any streaming content without any lags or hits.  So, the service is much better than numerous analogues presented on the market today. Therefore, you can subscribe for it without any hesitations in this respect.