Newly developed website poses a threat to anonymous surfing

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Newly developed website poses a threat to anonymous surfingI know what you download is a new website, designers of which have created a system to track public seeding and store peers’ IP addresses with a list of files downloaded from BitTorrent. In such a manner, downloading torrent files with static IP, the website retrieves necessary info, keeps it and can provide to everyone interested.

The first info which catches the eye while visiting the site is a torrents list downloaded from your IP address. In order to verify any other IP you need to enter this address to the searching box and press on “Find IP”. The second designed function allows to see all torrents downloaded from another’s IP address. Utilizing its mechanism, you can transform any link and send it to the potential victim. If your plan works and this link is used, the service will display a location number and the list of utilized torrent files.

The operating process is easier than you can imagine. In order to form a database, the service connects to seeds as a usual customer and records peers’ IP addresses. Today the site monitors more than 500 000 torrent files and collects data of 700 hosts daily.

Some of us can find this technology useful and praisable, but at the same time it interferes with a right to privacy and anonymous surfing. What is more, the same technologies are utilized by copyright holders and law enforcement agencies aiming to collect the personal data pursuing own benefits.

The only way to protect your privacy is to use a VPN service. This technology changes IP address assigned by your local internet provider to the dynamic one. Therefore, “iknowwhatyoudownload” will not be able to revise received info and satisfy with requested command. Subscribing for the best anonymous VPN service you don’t have to worry about government surveillance or metadata leakage.