New rules protecting your online privacy have been recently accepted by FCC

Last updated: November 03, 2016

FCC new rulesConfirming to the latest news, it has been asserted by Federal officials that users have right for controlling their personal data on the Internet. Pursuant to the accepted rules, Internet providers can be forbidden by customers to share their personal sensitive information, namely history data, location and other information of the online activities.

The new regulations have been implied as Internet providers started using customers’ data for targeted ads. Therefore, such influential providers as AT&T and Verizon and Comcast have fallen down in making business built on targeted advertising. The privacy experts have stated that it is the best decision on Internet privacy ever and if it were not done, the Internet surveillance would assume a new aspect. So, before sharing customers’ data with marketing firms, the Internet providers are to obtain their clients agreement today.

Although the ice has broken up, the rules don’t eliminate the importance of providing your network with additional protection. For that reason, a good VPN for shopping can be used, for instance. While using the service your network will be protected not only from intrusive advertising, but also from any threats in reference to your budget, such as identity thefts or frauds, your online activities won’t undergo the challenge any more.