Netflix looking back at the series watched in 2017

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Every year popular online streaming services publish releases of most watched films and series.

Just a few days ago, you read about worst movies ranking 2017 by Rolling Stone, and today we hasten to let you know that looking back on the year, Netflix announced what series are most defined their year of 2017.

The series are defined into 4 categories.

How did they define the categories?

You will be surprised, but they didn’t just pick out 10 most watched series. They did a survey, considered the popularity and put the results into the categories:

#1 Those series watched more than two hours per day were DEVOURED in 2017

#2 Those series watched less than two hours per day were SAVORED in 2017

#3 Got Us Cheating and #4Brought Us Together ratings are based survey responses they got from the viewers.

Got surprised? Interested? Intrigued? Want to know the best part of it?

The Shows We Devoured in 2017

American Vandal


13 Reasons Why

What else did we devour in 2017? We devoured ‘’Anne with an E”, ‘’Riverdale’’, ‘’Ingobernable’’, ‘’Travelers’’, ‘’The Keepers’’, ‘’The OA’’, ‘’The Confession Tapes’’

The Shows We Savored in 2017

The Crown

Big Mouth

Neo Yokio

These are other Savored series in 2017: ‘’A Series of Unfortunate Events’’, ‘’GLOW’’, ‘’Friends from College’’, ‘’Ozark’’, ‘’Atypical’’, ‘’Dear White People’’, ‘’Disjointed’’.

The Shows That Got Us Cheating in 2017


13 Reasons Why

Stranger Things

What are other series that got into this group? Other lucky ones are: ‘’Orange is the New Black’’, ‘’Sense8’’, ‘’Black Mirror’’, ‘’Marvel's The Defenders’’, ‘’Marvel's Iron Fist’’, ‘’Ozark’’, ‘’MINDHUNTER’’.

The Shows That Brought Us Together in 2017

Stranger Things

13 Reasons Why

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Are there other films to watch with your family? Yes, for sure! They are ‘’Star Trek Discovery’’, ‘’Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’’, ‘’Riverdale’’, ‘’Fuller House’’, ‘’Chef's Table’’, ‘’Atypical’’, ‘’Anne with E’’.

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