The most remembered attacks of 2016

Last updated: January 31, 2017

The most remembered attacks of 2016The outgoing year is remembered for DiCaprio Oscar winning, Syrian mass migration or Trump electing. But the Informational Technology sphere memorizes this year with the largest and most critical hacker attacks and data leakage ever.

Attacks on Yahoo database

The hacker attack against Yahoo began in 2014 and has continued until this year. In September 2016 the company declared about 500 million accounts compromising. In a few months, the number of victims increased to 1 billion composing the final score of hacked accounts.

DDoS attacks

At that point, Dyn, that is responsible for the U.S. domain names distribution, was exposed to DDoS attacks. The incident happened in October and engaged thousands of webcams and DVRs infection. As the result, infected with Mirai malware devices had no possibility accessing to popular websites, such as Netflix and Twitter for 24 hours.

New addition to the hacker race

This year the new arrival was a hacking group called OurMine which is famed for popular online platforms attacking, including PokémonGo, BuzzFeed and Variety. What is more, they successfully compromised several social media accounts in Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), Google (Sundar Pichai) and Twitter (Jack Dorsey).

DNC compromising

This is one of the most significant hacker attacks sanctioned by Guccifer 2.0, an unidentified person or group of hackers. This criminal successfully initiated a series of attacks against the DNC that was resulted with a sensitive data theft. As a result, this attack has caused the resignation of DNC Chair and possibly intervened Hillary Clinton presidency.

The San Bernardino iPhone penetration

FBI forced the security company to unlock the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters in order to deal with a terroristic act and punish offenders. On the one hand, the agency took necessary measures fighting with criminals, on the other hand, they violated privacy rights. In order to avoid hacker attacks in the coming year, use a VPN service which encrypts all exchanging traffic and makes transported info secure from malicious strangers. VPN is able to mask your real identity and keep you hidden from all internet community. Utilizing a VPN, you will forget about hacks and sensitive data leakage.