The most favored passwords of 2016

Last updated: May 14, 2018

The most favored passwords of 2016As practice shows, security keyword is a door-opener to personal security and data integrity. In view of this, netizens have interest in creating strong and unique codewords preserving access to the personal accounts. It’s an open fact that the certain combination of letters, digits and symbols forms the best password. Unfortunately, some users design primitive combinations meanwhile putting sensitive data under the threat.

By virtue of the security industry researches, the most popular last year’s key words among netizens were 123456 and 123456789. What is more, about 2 million personal accounts protected with these simple passwords were hacked successfully. Among other 2016 most common passwords are itemized sets of numeric characters from 6 to 9 units, such as 111111, 123123, 987654321; or one simple word like password or google written in equal upper or lower cases.

One way or another, security specialists recommend to design strong keywords and create different combinations for all existing accounts. If you concern about safety of your identification, use password manager to collect them and preserve from a prying eye. What is more, subscribe for VPN service which guarantees the higher level of safety and anonymity online. In such a way, your personal accounts including login files will be protected by some strong security mechanisms allowing to forget about hacking and data leakage.