More Turkey journalists are to be blocked on Twitter

Last updated: November 29, 2017

Turkey journalists are to be blocked on Twitter Everyone knows that today’s Internet is far from being ideal. We face not only different online threats, but also suffer from our government politics. Having come across such problems once, you won’t be able to enjoy free online surfing.

Turkish government is driving to the politics of total Internet censorship. Some journalists have been ordered to be blocked on Twitter for instigating terrorism by a Turkish court. Having received the court order to block seventeen accounts, Twitter is known to have declined the demand to block Maihir Zeynalov’s account and wait for the appeal results.

As it has become known from Zeynalov, Twitter has already blocked one of his accounts posted in Turkish. This man is known to be one of the first users who accused his government of the censorship politics it follows and criticized the political regime of the country. It should be mentioned that the journalist has dealt with the matter for seven years and has twenty one thousand followers. He has just received a letter from Twitter saying that his account is to be blocked. But the journalist stays clear and says that his account is just one of the hundred Turkish journalist accounts that undergone the same censorship tool. Zeynalov has appealed the decision and waits for results.

Thus and so, Turkish government tries to take their Internet space under control. The followers can only keep their fingers crossed and wait for results. In our turn, we want to support all the users of the countries with total censorship and suggest using a high-quality VPN that is to return free access to all the resources of the Internet. Your true address is to be hidden and all the data is to be encrypted, which increases your level of privacy and anonymity a lot. So, be cautious and stay safe.