Mark Zuckerberg has defined the new guidelines of the company

Last updated: February 17, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg has defined the new guidelines of the company As far you know, the policy of all companies allows for estimating efforts that have been made recently. It’s considered to be one of the key moments to envision new possibilities and indicate guidelines of the company. The worldwide company Facebook is not an exception to the rule. Mark Zuckerberg, a company executive, made a letter containing his own ideas and visions concerning future plans. Now the company is going to focus on five new aspects including enriching online community as well as fighting against fake news.

The idea to create a new type of community means alteration of the social net. Besides, it implies providing the social community with safe additional supportive environment with reference to which a lot of people will unite and represent a community even being offline.

Moreover, Zuckerberg is eager to turn the community to a special infrastructure with the help of which people will be able to find a shelter or food if necessary. These are fundamental principles that compile human values.

As for blocking some content, the company wants to democratize it implying that determination if the content is appropriate or not will be performed by the company. It is to be recalled that nowadays in some countries content gets blocked according to the laws. So Mark offers to turn over control of it to the company.

On the whole, the new guidelines of the company are clear. But at the same time there’s a question: how do the rest of the world provide feedback? So let’s wait and see how everything unfolds.