List of blocked sites in Saudi Arabia

March 29, 2017

List of blocked sites in Saudi ArabiaFor those who have decided to get a vision of life on the edge and bought a tour to Saudi Arabia, you’d better know in advance that the internet is highly restricted there. We offer you a list of blocked, restricted or throttled websites and apps there:

- such communication apps and social nets as Telegram, Facebook, Skype are blocked there;

- such websites as:

This list includes some of the blocked resources in the country. If you have already gone there without subscribing for some additional resources that help to make a network free and uncensored, you might have known all the severities of the strict censoring policy of the government.

If you want to secure your network against monitoring, you need to subscribe for a VPN service for Saudi Arabia. A strong VPN app is able to make your online activities unrestricted, free and safe. The thing is that your authentic address, as well as geo-location, will be shifted and substituted by the address of one of the foreign servers you choose. This will help you to run your home network while staying outside the country. Moreover, all your generated traffic will be encrypted with the help of up-to-date protocols, such as OpenVPN, L2TP or old-fashioned PPTP. Besides, all your sensitive information will be locked with a long bit-key, which is useful against all the prying eyes and government authorities that try to trace back to you. A reliable company stores no logging data on its customers, which gives you a high level of online anonymity.

So, as you see the app is able to make your network free and secure even outside or within your native country. Established a VPN connection, you will be protected from multiple online dangers and monitoring.

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