LiquidVPN has presented self-designed service for Hulu

Last updated: May 14, 2018

LiquidVPN has presented self-designed service for HuluIn the digital world where copyright holders fight for the right of ownership, many video streaming websites limit their content for foreign visitors. That’s exactly why more and more internet users have subscribed for VPNs that change the real IP to the desired one transferring their geographical location and providing access to requested content.

What service will help you to stream Hulu?

Unfortunately, the most popular and desirable online services for watching TV episodes and movies conduct VPN-blocking policy. One of the shining examples is Hulu which has banned VPNs since 2016. But this is not a problem for LiquidVPN’s subscribers because this service is still able to bypass strong firewalls. Having designed LiquidLock and LiquidDNS features, the service hides user’s location so you can download Hulu shows even if you live outside the USA.

How to watch Hulu on PC?

If you stream Hulu through a web browser, just install LiquidVPN desktop client and pass into settings. Click on the Advances tab to check the DNS Control and set it to Automatic. That done, make sure that LiquidLock is configured to Automatic too.

How to accessing Hulu on smartphones?

If you want to watch Hulu shows on mobile devices or smart TV, set up LiquidVPN on your router while utilizing dnsmasq or iptables.

Summarizing the above, LiquidVPN can be your live savior not only for accessing geo-restricted content, but also securing your net from malicious monitoring and hacking. Do not waste your time and subscribe for LiquidVPN now!