Keep your ICS company out of web dangers: Top 3 solutions for your network protection

Last updated: May 14, 2018

network-protectionAn Industrial Control Systems (ICS) company, as well as any other internet enabled organization, undergoes cybersecurity hazards. Today the problem resides not only in the fact that industry-targeted cyberthreats are applied, but also in the commonest malware directed to the web infection distribution while damaging as many connected devices as possible. The freshest case in point is WannaCry ransomware, which has made inoperative several critically important ICS networks.

The latest ICS research committed by different cybersecurity companies has shown the following results:

The average number of cyberattacks targeted at ICS sphere:


The importance of cybersecurity measures among ICS companies:


Top 3 consequences ICS faced after being attacked:


Top 3 methods used to manage control over the ICS networks:


The diagrams display the current state of things where most of the companies ignore the cybersecurity issue while the rest have already implemented the up-to-date technologies, such as antimalware software, anti-virus software and VPNs.

Having decided to protect your business network, you should see about all the three main methods in bulk. Herewith, you shouldn’t forget to update and upload the software in time. Besides, such software as team-management apps should be renewed in proper time too. This means that every time your business messenger or management app informs you about a new available updating you shouldn’t ignore the notification, but bring it into action.

When speaking about the best VPN solutions for business , you need to pay attention to all the basic characteristic, which are to supply each of your freelance employee, as well as the whole network, with a sufficient level of protection.

The list of the features includes:

  • An appropriate network park.
  • Top-notch methods of traffic encryption.
  • A money-back guarantee & a free trial version.
  • A possibility of connecting as many devices simultaneously, as you need.
  • Built-in add-ons, such as kill switch, speed boosters, etc.
  • An efficient and professional customer service, etc.

Having decided on a service, which performs all the enumerated functions, your corporate network will be thoroughly defended and kept out of multiple web dangers.