Japanese unnamed ministry officials have claimed DDI underwent penetration

Last updated: November 28, 2016

Japanese unnamed ministry officials have claimed DDI underwent penetration It has transpired that Japanese high-speed Defense Information Infrastructure underwent a reported penetration, which is being investigated by the country’s defense officials right now. It is also clear that the attacks that have been covered this September have cropped up only today. As it is known from the Japanese media, DDI network is shared by three main defensive forces of the country.

On Sunday morning the attack has been confirmed by unidentified ministry officials. Access to the DDI network is stated to have been provided with the help of penetrating into the network shared between Defense Medical College and Defense Academy. The broken network is regarded to be a combination of two networks connecting to the Internet and Internal network. The action has led to interim pause in using the network by all the stuff.

As you see, even highly-protected networks undergo penetrations and uncontrolled accessing. The case is not the first and far from being the last. Confirming that you as a free user have a standing to live your life as you see fit, you should apply for some good technology to protect your online life from multiple threats. Being a Japanese citizen you can subscribe for the best VPN for Japan to save your confidential materials from being revealed and intercepted by any second party.