It’s the Age of Digital Mercenaries

Last updated: May 14, 2018

privacy surveillanceWell, wars are not fought on war fields or borders anymore. These days, cyber war is a bigger reality than a world war. Though it is subtle, cyber war is something none of us can ignore, anymore. Let’s take the example of Syrian activist who was captured and tortured by the Assad regime. According to him, they first arrested his computer, and that will tell you more about the reality of digital warfare. The internet and social media can be powerful tools these days to propagate your ideas. 

Online surveillance by government agencies is something that worries bloggers, journalists, human rights activists and citizen journalists all over the world. The world woke up to the dangers of online surveillance when WikiLeaks leaked those spy files. It was revealed that the surveillance market is worth more than 5 billion dollars. You will be surprised by the sophistication of the surveillance products available in the market today. That is exactly why you should worry about your online privacy as it is your right. 

However, traditional surveillance hasn’t disappeared completely. This holds true in the case of most countries, especially developing ones. As you know, phone tapping is not out of fashion yet in many parts of the world. Intelligence agencies still rely on phone tapping as it is an effective tool. But online surveillance has changed the landscape completely. It is no longer the same with all the technological advancements in this field. Government agencies are exploring various new possibilities.

If you have heard about the Enemies of the internet report, you will know that it talks mainly about surveillance. It talks in detail about the surveillance methods adopted by various government agencies. Activists are joining their hands to fight this menace called online surveillance, which has become a big headache for the general public as far as their privacy is concerned.

There are 5 countries that are labeled as the ‘state enemies of the internet’ and they are Syria, Vietnam, Iran, Bahrain and China. As you know, these countries have the least freedom when it comes to internet use. Also, human rights violations are widely reported in these countries. Today, when it comes to privacy and freedom, these countries live in the stone-age.

Let’s examine another list called ‘corporate enemies of the internet’. Well, there are 5 companies on the list, including Blue Coat Amesys, Hacking Team, Trovicor and Gamma. This list might have a few additions in the coming months. These companies are selling products that violate internet freedom and human rights. 

Despite all these negativity, you will be able to use the internet without the fear of government surveillance. Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are going to offer all the privacy you are looking for. Also, hackers will not be able to access your sensitive data as well when you use VPN. For the same reason, VPN is gaining popularity. Moreover, you will be able to bypass geo-restrictions as well with the help of a VPN service. If you are worried about your internet privacy, start using a VPN service right away. However, it will cost you money.