Interview with tigerVPN for BestVPNRating

Last updated: November 11, 2017

1. Can you tell us few words about yourself and your VPN service?

TigerVPN - vpn serviceHi, my name is Sebastian and I am the founder and managing director of tigerVPN. Together with my team, we are fighting every day for a more open and connected internet.

Founded 2011 in Bratislava, we launched tigerVPN to the public in early 2012 and have been growing year by year. Today we are enabling hundreds of thousands of customers to protect their privacy and enable communication without restrictions and borders.

2. Please say few words about internet freedom in the past, present and future.

I have been in the telecommunication world for more than two decades and the development of its current form is kind of alarming. What used to be a network with divers websites, content and services feels more like a regional internet nowadays. When I grew up there were no such things as “not available in your country messages” and fundamentally, that was one of the reasons for building tigerVPN. While we do see some small changes on EU content law, it’s dismissed months later due to lobbying and I believe we are heading into the direction of a content internet that is geographically adjusted for each market. Look at Netflix for example. The catalog of their content is extremely divers. Some regions have access to 25.000 titles and more, and some countries barely make it over 250 videos. It’s ridiculous and needs either an open internet or an equal distribution of services and content around the world. Until that is sorted out, we are here to help with tigerVPN.

3. Where are your company headquarters?

tigerVPN - vpn service - locationWe operate out of Bratislava (Slovakia) and Bucharest (Romania).

Both locations have their purpose and different teams are working in our offices to provide tigerVPN. Bucharest is our little silicon valley of Europe with lots of engineers and coders.

4. What are the most significant achievements of your VPN Service?

You know, that’s not easy to answer, especially because when you build a company, you believe all the things you do are significant achievements, but if I would have to break it down, I am pretty proud that we launched our Karma Rewards Program - back in 2012. I believe we were one of the first ones out there to implement a customer reward program. The idea was simple - do something good - get something in return.

Here at tigerVPN we really care about rewarding. That starts with our employees and continues through our customers. Right now, customers can do fun - simple and easy tasks that help us spreading the word. For completion of a Karma Task, they get points, and points can be redeemed for subscription enhancements. We plan to go much further than that, but it’s still in the making.

Another thing we are pretty proud of - it’s our cooperation that we started to take seriously.

Unlike any other VPN Provider out there, we wanted to increase the product's value, so we teamed up with Sticky Password and Shimo, to bring a password manager and a VPN manager as complimentary add-on’s into the product. That way, you get a VPN, Password Manager and a nifty tool for Mac at no additional cost with more to come.

5. What is unique about your VPN Service?

Beside the fact that we include a password manager free of charge as well as a VPN manager for mac and our Karma Rewards Program, we have global VPN network with 42 countries and growing. Currently 62 locations are available giving customers a close location to connect to. We expand as demand grows and our goal is to have a location everywhere on the planet - but North Korea might be a hard one.

We don’t brag about the small things, but we also provide a NAT firewall for every customer free of charge, so they are protected within the VPN at any given time. On top of that, we also have a really nice dashboard, which allows you to see your connections and kill them remotely if required. On top of that we have the infrastructure in our hands as we have teamed up with a nearby colocation provider that allows us to have caged environment for our network nodes all around the world, so we are aware and in charge of any event that could happen to our network. Safety is our highest priority and we are sworn to protect our customers at any given moment. Our free plan does not require any payment data and there are no strings attached - test us - like us - sign up and get all the benefits, as previously said we really want to be a fair handshake quality VPN service provider.

6. Why should customers choose your VPN Service instead of your competitors?

I believe we are at the beginning of the mainstream usage of encryption services and anonymizer tools. It’s great to see that customers take privacy and security seriously and that using a VPN does not require you to be tech savvy or “underground”. We have built tigerVPN to provide outstanding service, amazing quality and additional features to let users enjoy our service and feel that they have made the right choice. We actually do surveys where we listen to our customers and ask them to tell us honestly where and if we can improve. The dialog between our customers and us brought us where we are right now and to be honest, the customers we have on our service are really satisfied and won’t leave. Some customers are with us since we launched and it’s a great compliment that we are doing a good job. There are lot of VPN providers out there and it becomes hard to distinguish, but the high quality that we provide, paired with the mentioned extras are definitely worth checking out - you can do that with our free trial within seconds.

7. Which countries in your opinion are the best to connect to in terms of privacy protection?

tigervpn - vpn service

I think at tigerVPN we have an advantage against competitors, so we don’t need to suggest any location in particular. I mentioned before that we are in charge of our infrastructure. That said, we are protected against any sort of outside intruders. Our VPN architecture was designed to purge any data that has reached the VPN client immediately - plus, we keep zero logs on our VPN nodes that could in any way become problematic. I would not go that far to name a location which would be better against any other simply because we provide the same zero tolerance in all our 62 network nodes.

8. Which innovations/new technologies are expected in VPN sphere?

Similar to the growth of antivirus software in the past, people will discover that there are lots of benefits from using a VPN on a daily base. However, to make VPN usage mainstream - we have to make it even more simple and easy to use. We already do that by providing native apps that are simple to use, however I see the future going into hardware. Encryption will naturally get stronger over time but we will also see devices appearing on the market that do encryption on the fly. We are always experimenting - who knows, maybe soon there will be something that you can touch and feel, rather than install and setup.

9. Do you personally use VPN account? What for?

Absolutely! I use it on so many occasion that it may sound like advertising to you. Honestly, I travel a lot, and not only that I want to be secure when using 3rd party hot spots that I am not aware of, but also because the never ending geo restriction is making my life difficult. I want to access content that I pay for - when I need it, therefore, tigerVPN is running in the living room on a spare router that would connect to the US for the full access of Netflix. Another example, when going overseas, on a long flight, I quickly connect to tigerVPN, then download some movies or TV-Shows via Amazon Prime on my tablet. Last but not least, I wanted to follow up with the outcome of the presidential election of my home country, but I got yet another not available in your country message. tigerVPN is my daily routine and I would not be able to live my life without it anymore, which is what our customers are telling us as well.